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Welcome to the Media Center
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Nash Central High School Media Center

The Nash Central High School media center is a learning space that supports students, faculty, staff, community members, and instructional curriculum while encouraging reading, research, collaboration, innovation, and learning.  Our media center serves our students, staff, and families by providing a quiet space in which to study, create, and explore a variety of print and electronic materials.

Mission Statement
The mission of our media center is to provide students and staff with information and support as well as space to learn, create, and collaborate. The media center will operate as a central "hub" of information, technology, learning, collaboration, and creativity.
Our goals are to:
- Encourage a love of reading and seeking out new information
- Encourage use of study as well as collaborative spaces
- Provide innovative learning opportunities that include STEM resources and creative outlets
- Create a collection that supports and strengthens the curriculum and instruction as well as the diverse reading interests of our student population
- Provide an environment conducive to learning and collaboration among students and the faculty and staff of Nash Central High School
- Provide an environment our community stakeholders may utilize to support students and families in our community
Technology Policies, Guidelines, and Resources

NCHS Media Center Policies

Checking Out Books
  • Students may check out two books at a time with a two-week window before books are overdue.  Students may renew a book at any time by seeing the Media Coordinator or a student Media Assistant.
  • Students will be fined a $0.05 per day overdue fee when a book is kept beyond the two-week check-out window.
  • A student may put a book on hold by seeing the Media Coordinator or a student Media Assistant.
  • Students will be charged the full replacement price for any book that is lost.


Visiting the Media Center
  • To use the Media Center, students must get a Media Center pass from his/her teacher.  Using this pass, students must SIGN IN at the circulation desk kiosk upon entering the Media Center.
  • When leaving the Media Center to return to class, students must SIGN OUT at the circulation desk kiosk and get their pass signed by the Media Coordinator.
Visiting the Media Center during CENTRAL TIME:
  • Students may take advantage of a quiet space during CENTRAL TIME by visiting the library during this time.
  • NO food will be allowed in the media center.
  • Activities allowed during CENTRAL TIME:
    • Studying
    • Small group projects
    • Reading
    • Homework
    • Online Classes
    • Makerspaces


Paying Fees

  • Chromebook Usage, Technology, and library fees can be paid in the Media Center by seeing the Media Coordinator.  Please pay in cash.
  • Students/Parents may pay technology fees online by visiting this website:


NCPS School Board Policies


Research Resources

Starting Research

Formatting Research Papers

Copyright Guidelines

Digital Resources