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For Remote Learning Log into the following during your scheduled class time using your school e-mail address:

CDR's Classes:
SGTMAJ's Classes

Also need to go to www.ttpoll.com and create account on your school computer and/or smartphone.

Session Codes are as follows:

CDR's  1st Period                   nchsnjrotc1
             2nd Period                 nchsnjrotc2
             3rd Period                  nchsnjrotc3
             4th Period                  nchsnjrotc4
SGTMAJ's  1st Period                   nchsnjrotc1a
                   2nd Period                 nchsnjrotc2b
                   3rd Period                  nchsnjrotc3c
                   4th Period                  nchsnjrotc4d

These are the same lectures you would get in class and you will be able to answer the question from your computer or cell phone.    Audio will be via google meet. 

Visit the school website:

https://nashcentralhs.ncpschools.net/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1752894&type=d&pREC_ID=1961442 (Links to an external site.)

to access course descriptions, schedules, course materials and other information.

One more thing our links have been working all along and are not related to the links in your other classes.   If you get a notice that the system is down district, school or state wide it does not apply to NJROTC.  We do not use Canvas or Zoom.   You must check in each day no matter what anyone else tells you about your other classes.
We have never had our system crash since we started using it last spring.   
The only thing that will take us down is if the internet goes down.   


Thanks for your attention!